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Why Square Dance?


Many people are not ones to go out to dance nights at clubs or may not be the type of person to be able to learn the latest “dance craze”.  Some say, “I have two left feet”, No rhythm for dance, and feel silly on the dance floor.  Or, you may just be looking for a dance program that is more social.

call special dances for the experienced dancers through the advanced level

call club dances locally and in surrounding states

call for parties, youth groups, college groups, & father/daughter dances

teach basic, mainstream, & plus programs.

Learn to Square Dance
Boost your Success

Learning to Square Dance is about “Building Blocks”.  Most movements are built on other movements.  You will start out with the basics and move up from there, “step by step”.  Most of you have done some type of Square Dance in your life time, in Middle School, Father/Daughter Dance, or Party Dance.  You may recall moves like, Circle Left, Promenade, Allemande Left, etc.  These are just examples of the basics you will learn on the first night along with many more. 


The dancers, clubs, and facilities are all sponsors for this activity.  Without them, I would be singing to myself.  Where’s the enjoyment in that…


I am a Member of CALLERLAB (International Organization of Square Dance Callers) and IDLA (Indiana Dance Leaders Association).  I am also Certified as a Square Dance Caller by CALLERLAB.